Heaven's Gate
The devil attempts to enter the Heavenly Gates posing as the risen Christ.

The Wish
Seymour ponders what he would wish for everyone else in the world

A Bill of Rights for the Deceased, the After & Still Living
Father John asserts that the Deceased, the After & Still Living have the right to be remebmered, to be remembered as they truly were, to be prayed for, and to be judged by God alone.

One Hundred Gold Coins
Seymour discovers a bag of one hundred gold coins that was lost by the richest man of the town.

The Greener Grass
Simon strives to make his lawn as perfect as his neighbor's.

The Hook-Less Line
Seymour goes fishing in the town well with no hook on his line.

The Flapping Flag
A tailor struggles to craft a flag for his new state.

Still Amazing Grace
Jennifer Gaffney sings "Amazing Grace" with new lyrics crafted by Father John.

The River Twice
Simon tries to disprove the old saying: "You can't step into the same river twice."

At Home
Hugh returns to the safety and warmth of his childhood home.

The Red Car
Seymour receives his first car from his Dad.

A Recipe for Bread
A reclusive king learns the recipe for the most delicious bread in the kingdom.