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Holy And Human
Twenty-Third Publications

Using a unique interview style, John Powers reaches into the centuries between these seven mystics’ times and ours, to bring their lives, thoughts, and deeds into our contemporary world. Open this book. You will find here people like us who live, breathe, and work in an often-imperfect world of everyday life. You will find the God who exists in the tears and laughter, pain, jay and ennui, in the senses, prayers, and physical efforts of both the mystics’ lives and ours. You will find seven men and women, know today as mystics,” who are truly Holy Human.

Coping With a Gentle God
Michael Glazier Inc.

“This is a very simple and straightforward book and yet very insightful and profound. Father Powers makes the Scriptures of the Hebrew and Christian Testaments immediately relevant. He doesn’t hesitate to use imagination and story. All that he shares flows directly from the Scriptures. And it flows from his own lived experience. It is this intimacy and profundity that makes this book an exceptional experience for the reader.” -Basil Pennington, O.C.S.O.

Seeking Inner Peace
Twenty-Third Publications

“Fr. Powers understands that the true signs of our times are such things as the unresolved anger that tingles in the air around us and the crippling fear that casts out love. Through simple but insightful dialogues he allows people to enter themselves once again, to descend without defensiveness into their own depths. I think you will come to feel that Fr. Powers is a friend and a good companion, a pastor of souls who knows the way and yet lets us find it for ourselves.” -Eugene Kennedy

If They Could Speak
Twenty-Third Publications

“There is something mischievous about sidling up to those less than saintly persons in the Bible to find out what they are thinking….Fr. Powers allows us to do this with the sleeping disciple James, the despairing Judas, the mocking soldier, along with Mary the Mother and John the Beloved. We walk away from this book seeing the saints more human and the sinners more saintly than we ever gave them credit.” -Fr. Carroll Stuhlmueller, C.P

And Grace Will Lead Me Home
McKracken Press

Fr. Powers skates on thin ice when he tries to write an allegory. Moreover he takes extra chances when his allegory is actually a memoir, an account of a life “in process.”That he carries it off so well is a tribute to his skill and energy as a storyteller. -Andrew Greeley

“I couldn’t put the book down. This is a moving story through pain, laughter and compassion. -Michael Motta, D. Min.

Soul Saving Stories
Paulist Press

Winner of 1998 Storytelling World Magazine - Anthology of the Year, “Tough, challenging voices, filled with powerful, unforgettable images, Soul Saving Stories is a collection of thirteen fictional monologues based on the New Testament characters. Speaking directly to the reader, each character struggles with the same issues we face today – loss, greed, forgiveness, anger, secrets, guilt, and more – and deals with these issues in surprisingly contemporary ways. The characters speak, protest, whisper and rage about what is in their hearts and minds and thus challenge the reader to examine his or her own self about the same problem.”