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   Theodore was a young lion with an embarrassing problem. No matter how hard he tried, he could not roar. And then he met Hew, a lamb who could not find his way home.

   The two set out on a marvelous adventure seeking to solve their problems. They meet many animals along the way. But it is not until they come face to face with a hungry wolf that Theodore discovers an amazing truth about himself.

   Author John Powers presents a delightful parable about finding our gifts and using them. The Lion Who Couldnít Roar is a captivating tale which shows that inner strength can surface at the most exciting and dangerous moments, just when it is most needed.
   What do you do when you find a big Red Rhino in your house?

   For Seymour and his family, the answer is: IGNORE IT. But ignoring the Big Red Rhino doesnít help. In fact, it only makes matters worse. It isnít until Seymour meets Mr. Angel that things start to change.

   Seymour and the Big Red Rhino shows that in order to solve a problem, we must first have the courage to face it, and sometimes that requires a little heavenly help.
   In an insightful series of presentations, Fr. John, C.P., will share his scriptural, personal, and religious experience of how God helps us love in the face of loss, forgive when hurt and angry, have courage when fearful, and do more than just survive the pain in life, but to gracefully thrive through it.

A Healing Way through the hurts, stress, challenges and pains of life.

A Creative Way with Change & Loss

A Compassionate Way with Anger

A Courageous Way with Fear