Passionist, Priest, Preacher, Author, and Spirited Scriptural Storyteller

Fr. John Powers, C.P. was ordained in 1977 and is the author of six books in adult spirituality and two books for children. He has served as a Travelling Preacher, Director, Producer, and Host of the Passionist Radio and Television Ministry is Springfield Massachusetts, Director of Calvary Retreat Center, and Rector of Passionist Communities in Shrewsbury Massachusetts and Riverdale, New York.

Fr. John C.P. now serves as a Spiritual Director, Preacher of Weekend Retreats, Five day Parish Missions, Day, Evening, and overnight programs. He has preached from Connecticut to Texas, Florida to Australia, New Hampshire to Tennessee, California to Canada, Germany to Louisiana, and many points in between.

Fr. John is presently writing a new book, tentatively titled, "A Witness to Hope; A Priest's Story."

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